Archicheck specification

This package contains some global declarations and data structures, like

  • Source_Lists
  • Dependency_Lists
  • Unit_Lists
  • Component_Maps

Child units do the real job

procedure <Archicheck> <Archicheck.Main body>is in charge of controlling the execution flow according to the command line
package <Archicheck.Cmd_Line>do the command line analysis
package <Archicheck.Settings>global settings, resulting mainly from cmd line analysis (and env. variables in the future)
procedure <Archicheck.Analyze_Rules>analyze the rules file and run the verifications
Procedure <Archicheck.Analyze_Rules_File> and childsis the next generation Analyze_Rules, using OpenToken for rules file analisys.  * Work in progress, not used in current code *
Function < Archicheck.Get_Dependencies>is in charge of reading sources files, and populating the Dependency_Lists
package <Archicheck.Source_Lists_IO>is in charge of dumping the Source_List, and will be in charge of loading such a list from a file when implemented