TODO list

Rules file

  • Regroup test on Syntaxic sugar in the rule files, that is to show insensitivity to casing, “,” “;” “.”  Separators, comments, etc.
  • Update the Rules syntax text file to show all syntaxic sugar possibilities (use of “.”  / “;” / “,” / “and”, etc.), and to show how to comment
  • Exclude “limited with” from dependencies
  • Implement the only X can use Y rule
  • Implement the only X can use pragma import rule
  • Implement globbing characters, for example only *.Porting_Kit can use X
  • Is it useful to have a semantic difference between only Porting_Kit may depends on C_Files and Porting_Kit is a layer over C_Files ?
  • Is it useful to have a may semantics : GLU may depends on GL ?

Development environment


  • Implement an error return code when the rules are broken, to allow a normal use in Makefiles, unless -no-error


  • Change/Simplify the various options to know what the tool understand from the rules file, and from analyzed sources :
  • Implement a command line way to pass simple rules
  • Use gnu error messages format ( sourcefile:lineno: message ) when identifying a rule that breaks


  • Restructure the home page, to have a short intro and a “quick run” section that summarize “Installing’ and “Getting started”, and split the rest in other text files.
  • Complete the 2004 slides!  :-)
  • Complete the link between NaturalDocs and Tests result, by adding a Result keyword


  • Auto add -help output to the doc thanks to Makefile